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Value Fathers Says UN Report February 17th 2011

A United Nations report launched on the 17th of February, 2011 challenges many of the current practices and institutional presumptions that tend to exclude rather than include fathers. The report entitled "Men in Families and Family Policy in  Changing World" is clearly consistent with Article 9 of United Nations Convention of the Rightís of the Child, that the child has a right both parents after separation and divorce.
The report recognises the need of effective public policy that is supportive of menís involvement in their families. It highlights that men, like women, are an asset to family life and that their absence is detrimental to child development. One of the most valuable aspects of the report is the acknowledgement that much more needs to be done to ensure the recognition of the value that fathers bring to the lives of children.
However the report does not underline the importance of shared parenting and recasts fatherhood as a series of temporary relationships. For all of the positive aspects to the report overall, the beneficial nature of shared parenting to children has, dissapointingly, been eliminated in this report.
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