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 Two fingers from a society of babyfathers and child mothers - Sunday Independent 14th August 2011
 Two fingers from a society of babyfathers and child mothers - Sunday Independent 14th August 2011
 Father awarded €32,000 at court of human rights - Irish Times 28 July 2011
 Recent Media discussion of fatherlessness aspect of UK Street Riots 11th August 2011
 Shared Parenting Study from Oxford University is 'Mischievous' June 13,2011
 Clare Daly asks an awkward question 21st July 2011
 Teacher loses sex bias case - 22nd July 2011
 A Pro-Active Approach to Parenting in Family Law Cases- Roisin O Shea July 19th, 2011
 Permission to remove children challenged-Irish Times 13th July 2011
 Research claims that shared parenting legislation is not in the interests of children
 Hunger4Justice- Matt O'Connor begins hunger strike outside David Cameron's house July10,2011
 Andy Kershaw on his difficulty with family law.
 Is Féidir Linn - Yes we can
 Irishman unanimously elected as Chairman at the inaugural meeting of the Platform for European Fathers in Bruxelles.
 Bruxelles Diary Day II
 Press Release - Fathers rights campaigners head to Brussels
 MEPs to meet with Parental Equality and MSGI June 2011
 New Chairman of Parental Equality announced this morning 23rd June 2011
 PE head to Brussels on fact finding mission June 2011
 Aric Sigman on parenting June 2011
 Democracy At Work!
 John Drennan: 'Deadbeat dads' under fire in new proposals - 12th June 2011
 LRC Report-recent Dail question Brian Walsh TD 3rd May,2011 debate on exorbitant legal fees June 10,2011
 Dáil Debate on Parental Rights 7th June 2011
 Dail Questions 31st May 2011
 Power of legal profession bad for society Irish Examiner April 23rd,2011
 Attack against responsible fathers - Irish Examiner 31st May 2011
 Would it have happened to a man? - Irish Independent 27th May 2011
 Men increasingly more likely to be without work-Irish Independent 27th May 2011
 Shatter ignores Solicitors breaking the law- Sunday Business Post May 22nd, 2011
 Child Custody applications up 44% due to unmarried fathers losing jobs. Irish Examiner May17,2011
 Dail Questions - 19th May 2011
 The "he" cession- Men without Work- TheIrishEconomy- May10th, 2011
 Dail Questions re Consititutional Convention May 3rd, 2011
 Convention on Constitution to begin within weeks, Iona Institute May 5th, 2011
 Dail Question re Guardianship of Children
 Third of births to unmarried women 27th April 2011
 Socialist Party TD Clare Daly offers herself as a champion of fathers' rights Hot Press May 2011
 New Initiative on Mediation April 19th 2011
 Independent Seanad Maeve Cox supports equality for both parents 18th Apr 2011
 Family Law: Relocation The Case for Reform November 2010
 Emily O'Reilly supports Susan McKay -Sunday Business Post 10th Feb 2002
 Just one-in-25 couples who live together are unwed- Irish Independent 12th April 2011
 No one was ever in any danger of being raped. You can't get raped by a joke Sunday Independent April 10th, 2011
 Value Fathers Says UN Report February 17th 2011
 UK Fathers' groups attack 'sham' family law review because it didn't mention shared parenting -Mailonline- March 31st 2011
 When family and farms split... irish Independent 30th March 2011
 Young farmers want pre-nups Iirsh Independent 30th March 2011
 Divorce/Separation 2011 style 29th March 2011
 An Irish solution to an Irish problem? Joint Custody - Irish Times 22 Nov 2010
 Wrongful sex abuse diagnosis case settled-Irish Times 18th Feb 2011
 Questions for Political Candidates in the Forthcoming General Election 25th Feb. 2011
 Nicholas Crawford-Independent with New Vision Feb 13 2011
 Helping Voters Understand how PR voting works - A public service podcast
 Kenny to back Oireachtas committee wording on children's rights: report - IONA Institute-8th February,2011
 Public needs voting system explained - Irish independent 7th Feb 2011
 Contemporary Issues in Child and Family Law, Saturday, February 12, 2011
 Study finds mothers get children after split - IrishTimes Tuesday 1st Feb 2011
 Shout at your spouse and risk losing your home-Daily Mail 27th Jan 2011
 Calls to use DNA tests to track runaway fathers-Irish Examiner 27th Jan 2011
 Micheal Martin, new Leader of Fianna Fail, supported the role of fathers in Education back in 1999. 29th Jan 2011
 News of Public Lecture February 27th 2011 Dublin
 Men into childcare - Channel 4 wants dads! January 2011
 Aware launch new online help and support campaign
 The forgotten parents January 18, 2011
 Children's Rights Referendum wording - only for the favoured ones! 18th January, 2011
 Civil Partnership Act ‘a recipe for litigation’ - Sunday, 16 January 2011 Sunday Business Post
 Sinn Féin councillor on fathers rights- Sept 14 2010
 Parental responsibility-Irish Times Editorial 4th Jan 2011
 Buying a birth cert doesn't make Elton a parent- Irish Independent Wed 5th January 2011
 Albert Burgess on BBCTV5 June 2009
 Separated parents must put children's rights first - Irish Independent March 18th 2010
 Dail to debate rights of unmarried fathers -Thursday March 18th 2010
 Mums and dads optional extras in future families-Irish Independent 31st December 2010
 Labour of love for men-Irish Times 28 Dec 2010
 Not all fathers are child abusers-Irish Examiner 29 Dec 2010
 Men urged to join fight against abuse - Irish Times Wed 1st September 2010
 Attempt to quash order for maintenance payment fails - Irish Time 13th December 2010
 Male domestic abuse calls to support group up by 80% - Irish Times Sat 4th September 2010
 Useful Resource site for reading judgments
 Proceedings against solicitors struck out - Irish TImes 11th October 2010
 English court rules for more transparency in family law proceedings - Irish Times 11th october 2010
 Mediation must top agenda in family law cases, says judge- Irish Times 11th October 2010
 Orders regulating access made after children consulted- Irish Times 29th November 2010
 What happens to dads after a split? - Irish Times Tuesday 5th October 2010
 Separation in a recession: Living together when a marriage ends - Irish Times 4th October 2010
 The legal complications of seperating - Irish Times Monday October 4th 2010
 Pre-agreed terms mean shorter hearings in family law matters - Irish Times November 22nd 2010
 Separated father sucessful at Equality Tribunal
 Speech by Mary White at launch of report
 'No hiding place' for parents under new EU maintenance law - Irish Times 29th September 2010
 Letter in Independent on Law Reform Commission. 22nd Dec 2010
 PE Press Release on LRC Report-21 December 2010
 Report on Legal Aspects of Family Relationships -Law Reform Commission Report 21sty December 2010
 Unmarried dads to be named on birth certs
 Debate on Equality in the Irish Independent
 Family Law District Court applications 2004-2009
 Online video presentation on Guardianship by a Solicitor
 Law not only failing fathers, it's failing their children too- Irish Independent 26th August 2010
 ECHR rules against Ireland in abortion case
 Children better off with nanny while mother abroad
 Recent Divorce Court Judgments
 Dublin City Council discriminates against father. 13th Dec 2010
 Listing of Judges in The Irish Courts
 Dispelling myths about young dads - Irish Times Tues Dec 7th 2010
 The Societal Circle of Corruption - the Banks
 Mens Aid Domestic Violence ?
 Jody and the Kid - Kris Kristofferson
 Glasgow Lullaby - Eric Bogle
 Scorn not his simplicity - Luke Kelly
 The Voyage - Christy Moore
 Father and Son -Cat Stevens
 Speed of the sound of loneliness - John Prine and Nancy Griffith
 Dreaming My Dreams - Waylon Jennings
 Lives in the Balance - Jackson Browne
 And Now I'm Easy( Eric Bogle)
 Father and son - Cat Stevens
 Working man - Rita McNeill
 Christy Moore-Sonny's Dream
 Cats in the cradle
 Teach Your Children
 Mike and the Mechanics sings about his father - In the living years
 Sting sings about Joint Custody
 Should grandparents have more rights 29th Nov 2010
 A cry of desperation from a Woman supporting her partner's efforts to see his kids Nov 2010
 An opportunity to share your experiences of separation - Sept 2010
 Online videos explaining issues Nov 2010
 Paul Gogarty Good father Bad Father? 22nd November 2010
 Fathers 'need more child rights' 16th Nov 2010
 Case for reform of child abduction laws Sunday Business Post 31 Oct, 2010
 Crowley and Waters in Village Magazine
 Service users perception of the irish child protection system - Office of Minister for Children and Youth Affair - July 2008s
 Family Law Courts don't screw men!
 Glasgow father in landmark bid to access daughter
 Father wins €2k over daughter’s operation details
 The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class -Youtube Jan 31,2008
 Lone parents live apart ‘to claim payment’
 Equality Tribunal finds hospital discriminated against father
 New blog promoting Equality for Fathers in Ireland
 What happens to dads after a split? October 5, 2010
 British Airways changes 'discriminatory' seating policy for men
 NAMA 'can't touch' developers' wives October 9th, 2010
 Family Law- Today with Pat Kenny 7th October,2010
 NAMA 'can't touch' developers' wives October 9th, 2010
 Statistics tell only one side of the story 5th October 2010
 Rights of Irish unmarried father not breached, rules European court
 Irishman loses custody case in Luxembourg 5th Oct 2010
 Fathers launch Information Leaflet
 Husbands the losers in divorce cases 26 Sept 2010
 My wife physically abused me for 20 years
 Number of single men getting the 'snip' rises - Irish Independent 22nd September 2010
 The bottom line is that eight out of ten suicides are males- Irish Independent 22nd August 2010
 Thousands of men seek help after abuse by their wives Sept 4 2010
 Law not only failing fathers, it's failing their children too - Irish independent 26th August 2010
 Father jailed for Refusing split is freed after a year - Irish Mail on Sunday August 15th 2010
 excerpts from ombudsman for children report April 2010
 Issue of anonymity in rape cases poses problems all round - Irish Times Thursday, June 24, 2010
 Child protection cleric told priest of allegations - Irish Times on Saturday, June 26, 2010
 Call for guidelines change on safeguarding children - Irish Times Monday, June 28, 2010
 Breaking up for the summer holidays - Irish Times Tuesday, June 29, 2010
 My son really doesn't want to see his dad - Irish Times Tuesday, June 29, 2010
 Solicitor lodges objection to Taxing Master's major reduction in costs - Irish Times Saturday, July 3, 2010
 Barristers will not appeal fees cut by Taxing Master - Irish is Friday, July 2, 2010
 Taxing Master cuts 'grossly excessive' legal bill by 82% - Irish Times Thursday, July 1, 2010
 Legal fees in injury case 'revolting' in extreme - Irish Times Thursday, July 1, 2010
 Ombudsman accuses HSE of having a culture of secrecy and legalism - Irish Times Friday, July 2, 2010
  Retired teacher rejects sex claims - Irish Times July 2, 2010
 Church must hire professionals to investigate abuse - Irish Times Saturday, July 3, 2010
 When media is stifled, to whom can citizens turn? - Irish Times Friday, August 20, 2010
 Unmarried fathers - Irish Times September 10, 2009
 Unmarried fathers just want equality - Irish Times Friday, September 11, 2009
 Changes in unmarried fathers' rights mooted - Irish Times Thursday, September 10, 2009
 MABS - Useful information for budgeting of your finances
 Unmarried fathers in Germany promised greater custody rights - Irish Times the Wednesday, August 4, 2010
 HSE pays €2.4m legal fees in childcare cases - Irish Times Thursday, July 29, 2010
 HSE move to cut childcare cases not signed off on, says Barnardos chief - Irish Times Friday, July 30, 2010
 Media runs for cover at mention of 'family law' - Irish Times Friday, August 6, 2010
 Court reserves judgment over reporting in McAnaspie case - Irish Times Tuesday, July 13, 2010
 Mask slips on pious humbug of child rights - Irish Times on Friday, July 30, 2010
 Hypocrisy over ability to be hypocrites - Irish Times Tuesday, July 20, 2010
 Another generation of vulnerable children being failed by state-
 Failures in foster care services- Irish Times Monday, July 19, 2010
 FG Labour seek to discuss Ombudsman report -Irish Times Monday, July 19, 2010
 Luke Martin gives cautious welcome - Dundalk Leader 18th August
 Law not only failing fathers, it's failing their children too
 The bottom line is that eight out of ten suicides are males. Aug 22 2010
 When media is stifled, to whom can citizens turn? 20th Aug 2010
 Is this article by Sinead O'Connor a blatant breach of the In Camera Rule
 Minister vows more rights for single dads 13 Aug 2010
 Senior law lecturer measures unmarried father's woth as a Dad through relationship with mother! Friday 13th August ,2010
 High Court Judgment re HSE allegations of Sexual Abuse
 Equality is just a myth - Dundalk Leader 28th July 2010
 Media runs for cover at mention of 'family law'. 6 August 2010 Irish Times
 Unmarried fathers in Germany promised greater custody rights 4 August 2010
 Supreme Court refers issue on custody rights of unmarried fathers to EU court for ruling 31 July 2010
 New laws to protect battered partners- Irish Independent 3rd August 2010
 Damages award over interim barring order upheld 13 May 2010
 Curtain slips on routine dysfunction in the HSE - Irish TImes Thursday June 25th 2010
 RTE Prime Time on Unmarried fathers
  List of Peace Commissioner and contact details June 24th 2010
 New law will target parents who fail to pay maintenance - Sunday Business Post 20th June 2010
 The Jim Jones Report (re HSE)
 Access for father ordered in case of lesbian mother - Irish Times Monday seventh of June 2010
 Media baulks at pursuing fathers rights - Irish Times Wednesday, June 9, 2010
 Family court bias of media runs deep - Irish Times Friday June afford 2010
  Devastating aftermath of State's intrusion -
 in camera rule must not obscure child rights -Irish Times Tuesday, June 1, 2010
 Services 'ignored' children's pleas on fathers innocence -Irish Times Wednesday, May 26, 2010
 Restrictions on media suspended in McAnaspie case - Irish Times Wednesday, May 26, 2010
 Hearing voice of battered person must be priority - Wednesday 26th of May 2010 Irish Times
 No 'de facto' family in Ireland for unwed father - Irish Times Mon 17th May 2010
 Call for relaxing of in camera rule in reporting of child care hearings -Irish Times Wed 19th May 2010
 Cases around care of young must be more transparent - Iristh Times Thursday 20th May 2010
 Court rules child must be returned to Latvia - Irish Times Friday 21st may 2010
 Fianna Fail critics of HSE challenged on inconsistency - Irish Times Wed 28th May 2010
 Court clarifies rights of barristers - Irish times Tues May 28th 2010
 Civil Patrnership-passes second stage in Dail-19th May
 Letters to the Editor- The 14th May 2010
 Guardianship for unmarried fathers-The New Zealand approach-13th May 2010
 Unmarried fathers - Irish Times Sat 1st May 2010
 Appeal court condemns UK local authority on child welfare - Irish Times 10th May 2010
 Charity seeks better support services for abuse victims - Irish times 28th April 2010
 Children must return to Poland and to custody of German father - Irish TImes Mon 3rd May 2010
 Damages award over interim barring order upheld- Irish Times 13th May 2010
 Great new Resources site for Men's Issues
 Judiciary signals support for setting up judicial council - Mon May 10th 2010
 Judicial complaints council expected - Irish TImes Wed 12th 2010
 Tracking the introduction of Injustice-Civil Partnership Bill(Part 15)-Status May 13th 2010
 Change to birth laws means an end to 'fatherless' children -The Times - June 3rd 2008
 Time to track down the missing fathers Irish Examiner 12th May 2010
 Guardianship Letter to Dermot Ahern, Minister for Justice 10th May 2010
 Part-time Dad
 Law on guardianship - Unmarried fathers no legal rights 4th May, 2010
 I'm My Own Grandpaw
 More rights for dads 30th April 2010 The Cork News
 Unmarried fathers - Editorial Opinion- Irish Times May 1st 2010
 Child Abduction still possible under proposed Guardianship Bill- 29 April 2010
 Unmarried and separated fathers call for equality legislation - 28th April 2010
 Justice Minister rides roughshod over concerns on Cohabitations provisions Aprill 11 2010
 High Court Judgment re FOI. the HSE and allegations of Child abuse 13th July 2009
 IFA seeks meeting with Justice Minister on Cohabitation provisions- 21 April 2010
 IFA Submission on Cohabitation provisions of Patrnership Bill -April 2010
 Another step towards criminalising fatherhood
 Judicial council may be set up this year 11th April 2010
 Lecture covers debates on fathers and law (14th April 2010)
 Open Letter to Minister for Justice 12th of April 2010
 Judging Tiger Wood's behaviour- a reflection 11th April 2010
 Ahern's plans will make Civil Partner Bill a grabber's charter 11th April 2010
 Plan to grant legal rights to cohabiting couples criticised March 23rd 2010
 Ahern says FG proposals could be unconstitutional March 25th 2010
 Cohabitants to have legal rights after five years April 5th 2010
 Unintended consequences of civil partnership law January 27th 2010
 Civil Partnership Bill-Cohabitation provisions online debates 7th April 2010
 A Bonanza for Lawyers & Gold Diggers..23 March 2010
 Separated parents must put children's rights first - 18th March 2010
 Tragedy of One Family Faced with Indifference- 19th March 2010
 Thousands of dads not on birth certs avoid child payouts - 18th March 2010
 Chaotic family courts suffering with inexperienced judges, says Shatter- 6th March 2010
 Call for guardian status for all fathers -March 2010
 Judge lifts lid on Palin's child custody battle with ex-fiance
 One Family Seminar,Monday 18 January 2010
 Father may lose custody of runaway girl sailor
 Supreme Court Judgment 12th December 2009 re Rights of Father
 Family rights of unmarried father violated in German courts
 Digital Audio Recording in the Irish Courts
 Discrimination against fathers in Child benefit - The Bottom Line in InEQUALITY
 Question to PE on One Parent Family Tax Credit 26th Oct 2009
 Single father wins order overturning adoption (7th Oct 2009)
 Men are portrayed as complete spanners -- but we won't complain (2nd Oct 2009)
 Brenda power (Sunday Times) calls for auto matic guardianship for fathers and mothers while attacking father's advocates
 New Law Reform Commission consulation paper re unmarried fathers and grandparents (9th Sept 2009)
 Bill to set up legal ombudsman to be enacted next year
 Take part in our online polls
 online videos re Joint Custody, Fathers etc
 The neglected children who are missing a hug from their father
 Family Law Judge Recommends a book for separated Parents to read!
 Supreme court judge criticises media
 Man faces jail over getting ill
 New Mr B case involving Child Abduction
 Third of women at Mountjoy jail freed due to overcrowding
 Call for Press Access to Family Courts in England
 Most single parents want to join workforce
 Father put in cell for smacking
 Law Society launches code of practice for family law
 Research shatters stereotypes of lone parents
 Father of Baby P speaks of loss
 Pregnant MAN expecting again!
 Inquiry into deaths of brothers
 What are the Positive Options for Expectant Fathers
 Civil Partnership Bill
 Solicitors fined €100,000 for overcharging
 Teenage pregnancy link to sexy TV shows
 Publication of taped conversations breached privacy right? -- High Court
 High Court finds that Protection Orders are Constitutional
 Stay on order to return children in Child Abduction case
 Creating a new family dynamic - Support for Joint Custody
 Call for law on dispute resolution
 Cohabiting couples the fastest-growing family unit in the Republic
 Are Fathers to be Included by Crisis Pregnancy Agency?
 Woman seeks early hearing date for embryos appeal
 Single dads urged to take kids to school
 Fathers' group pay bail for release of jailed Father
 Kelly-Ann's parents to seek custody of their grandsons
 Mum arrested over death of sons in house blaze
 Crisis pregnancy advisory service uses shock tactics
 Grandparent's Survey notice
 What Adrienne Burgess thinks about fathers
 The rape debate
 Children of hands-on dads who read and play with them grow up brighter and more successful
 Men hard done by in Family Law court
 Jail for mother who bit son's arm
 Mother murdered disabled daughter
 Father and daughters found dead
 Suicide strategy lacks funding
 Poll digs behind the notion that this is a man's world
 Vast majority of men say single fathers should have equal rights
 Family law system crisis now
 New rules will speed up family law cases in Circuit Court - Ahern
 Men say biggest worry is daily living expenses
 Majority of men satisfied despite economic pressure and crime concern
 Baldwin reveals suicidal feelings after 'little pig' leak
 Support group highlights sexual abuse in families
 Family face-to-face with alleged sex-plot killers
 Sex attack link investigated as fourth woman is assaulted
 Woman due in court in connection with Limerick knife attack
 Equality Authority wants to remain independent
 Barring Orders take on a new twist
 Rise in victims reporting rape at odds with Garda figures
 Mother due back in UK after alleged child abandonment
 Guardianship and School Radio Interview Luke Martin and John Hayden Dundalk FM100 Sept 1st 2008
 Woman found guilty of microwaving baby
 Govt asked to provide better support for lone parents
 Mysterious cash donor saves dad in eviction scare
 Information on getting Passports for children
 Letter Criticises Mary Hanafin Article re Social Welfare Lone Parent fraud
 Final note to poisoned boy's dad: 'You can enjoy life now, ha ha ha'
 Mediation scheme called for as alternative to courts
 Child Abduction Case re Poland
 West Dublin courthouse is opened in Blanchardstown
 Pregnant woman awaits stabbing sentence
 Hanafin to cut back on benefits for lone parents
 How to make an effective Complaint!
 UK Law change to give father's greater rights
 Parents lose custody for calling daughter Talula Does The Hula
 Ombudsman raised lack of 24-hour child welfare service several times
 The annual report of the Court Service
 Teens get pregnant 'to avail of free local housing'
 Addict's baby found with cuts, bruises and burns
 Mother convicted of neglect and incest charges
 Father to continue battle against protection order
 Study shows most family law cases settled out of court
 Father loses challenge to Domestic Violence Act
 Managed return of child to Latvia ordered
 Adult needs trump rights of children in AHR debate
 Newstalk broke rights to privacy, watchdog rules
 Court challenge to UK Child Support Agency fails
 Return child to Poland - court
 Three campaigners climb roof of toll plaza in protest over fathers' rights
 Man challenges protection, safety orders against him
 Judiciary on the attack or perhaps another agenda?
 Christine Brinkley Divorce coverage
 Children affected by relationship breakup/Divorce
 Can I record a phone call and use the recording to protect my good name?
 Child Neglect
 Fathers on the M50
 He Said, She said
 Are fathers better than Mothers?
 Are The F4J-style stunts bad for Father's rights ?
 Parental Equality members present at The Family Show RDS Dublin 15th June 2008 running poll on discrimination in Ireland
 The Family Show RDS June 13th to 15th
 Overcharging within the Legal Profession
 Men becoming socially isolated due to societal changes:
 Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Rape
 Birth Certificates
 The General Register Office Ireland
 The General Register Office Northern Ireland
 The General Register Office UK
 Bunreacht na hEireann- the Irish Constitution
 Child Abduction
 New Mr B case involving Child Abduction
 OCT 20th 2008 Court Judgment in Abduction Case- Stay on Order
 Child Abduction Case re Poland 28th July 08
 Can a Child be removed permanently from Ireland without the consent of both Guardians?
 Courts and associated info
 About the courts - Introduction
 Supreme Court Website
 Court Rules and copies of relevant application forms
 Courts Service
 Court Offices by County
 Court Judgments archive and info
 Freedom of Information re Courts Service
 Crisis Pregnancies
 Pregnant MAN expecting again!
 What are the Positive Options for Expectant Fathers
 Crisis Pregnancy Petition
 Crisis Pregnancy NEHB report 2002
 CPA ad calling for Training
 establishment of the CPA
 Teenage pregnancy link to sexy TV shows
 Are Fathers to be Included by Crisis Pregnancy
 Crisis pregnancy advisory service uses shock tactics
 Custody and Access
 Listen to Audio
 Discussion on meaning and implications of Custody Part 1 of 8
 Discussion on meaning and implications of Custody Part 2 of 8
 Discussion on meaning and implications of Custody Part 3 of 8
 Discussion on meaning and implications of Custody Part 4 of 8
 Discussion on meaning and implications of Custody Part 5 of 8
 Discussion on meaning and implications of Custody Part 6 of 8
 Discussion on meaning and implications of Custody Part 7 of 8
 Discussion on meaning and implications of Custody Part 7 of 8
 Joint Custody explanation
 Early Years Bonding and Attachment
 Tender Years Presumption
 Mervyn Minister for Taylor-made Equality
 Law Society Parenting Plan
  The relationship between children and their Non- Marital Fathers
 Access Order Diary Template
 Creating a new family dynamic - Support for Joint Custody
 I travel a lot at work. How can be more in my children's lives?
 Dealing with Solicitors and Barristers
 Choosing, instructing a Solicitor
 Preparing Information for doing business with a Solicitor in Family Law
 Solicitor's Fees - Section 68
 Solicitors fined €100,000 for overcharging
 Law Society
 Family Law Committee of Law Society
 Newstalk 106 The Legal column Radio show
 I need some advice/support on how to deal with solicitors in a case of divorce.
 Family Law Solicitor's Code of Practice
 Barristers professional Conduct Tribunal
 Making a complaint against a Solicitor
 Domestic Violence
 Please explain the Domestic Violence Laws
 Links and Useful Information
 Hgh Court finds that Protection Orders are Constitutional
 Communication between separated parents and schools
 Minister for Education Michael Martin Policy Letter
 Family Law
 The Irish Law Society - Family Law information
 Family Law Committee of the Law Society
 A Guide to Professional Conduct of Solicitors in Ireland
 Complaints about Solicitors
 Law Society Complaints Handling
 The Bar Council of Ireland
 Reference Books
 Book List
 Freedom of Information
 Sample Application advice
 How can I get Freedom of Information and what use is it to me as a father?
 Advice for Grandparents in terms of applying to court to seek contact with Grandchildren
 Grandparents tell their story!
 Grandparent's Petition
 List of Peace Commissioners and their contact details
 Louth Peace Commissioners
 1.How to get Guardianship by agreement
 2. Applying to Court for Guardianship
 How to register a birth
 PE Call for Observations on Guardianship Bill 2010
 Recent related Media links
 Guardianship and School Radio Interview Luke Martin and John Hayden
 Prevention of the removal of a child from the jurisdiction of the state
 In Camera Rule in Family Courts
 Men hard done by in Family Law court
 Lone Parents
 Most single parents want to join workforce
 Research shatters stereotypes of lone parents
 Maintenance issues
 When a woman remarries....
 Fathers' group pay bail for release of jailed Father
 Books on mediation
 Fixing the Fighting - Book
 Useful Links
 Presentation on Mediaton by Polly Fillamore from the Family Support Agency
 Parental Alienation Syndrome PAS
 Irish Passport Office site
 Paternity DNA issues
 Recordings, use for evidence
 Social Workers
 social workers be more accountable....
 Social Welfare Issues
 Unmarried Fathers
 Menstuff Nov 18th 2008
 Menstuff Nov 11th 2008
 Menstuff Nov 4th 2008
 Menstuff Oct 28th 2008
 Menstuff Oct 21st 2008
 Courts Service Website
 How this Site can Help You!
 How You can help!
 Things for Dads to do with kids
 Family Law Road Map (For the Circuit Court)
 How to make an effective Complaint!
 The Shared Parenting Programme
 Shared Parenting Programme as presented at the Family Show in the RDS Sunday 15th June 2008
 Shared Parenting Programme
 shared Parenting Stater Pack
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 Kramer Vs Kramer
 Mrs. Doubtfire
 Motivational and related songs
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 Irish Mens Resources
 Families, Fathers & Friends
 Forever Fathers Donegal
 Parents Separated Louth Meath area
 Separated Dads Group UK
 Groups for Personal support and development
 Beginning Experience
 Statutory Bodies
 Courts, Judgments, and legal
 Social Services
 Dept. of Education and Science
 Health Services
 All I want for Christmas is me Daddy.
 My Dad
 What is Life
 A Fathers Promise
 I only wanted to be a dad
 Never give up
 Father's Family Time
 Archive of correspondence
 Dail Questions
 How to put down a Dail Question
 Dail Questions 2nd June 2011
 Parental Consent for Cervical Cancer vacine
 Dail Questions 31st May 2011
 National Children's Strategy
 Anomaly in legislation
 Adoptive/Paternity Leave
 Proposed Legislation
 Dail Questions 19th May 2011
 School Enrolments
 Hospital Services
 Vaccination Programme
  Adoptive Leave
 Proposed Legislation
 Mothers breaching access orders
 Guardianship Rights 25 April, 2006
 HSE and complaints handling 14 February, 2006
 Guardianship HSE Separated parents 29 November, 2005
 Guardianship, Non custodial separated parents HSE 28 September, 2005
 Children’s Passports 19 October, 2004
 Garda Policy 23 May, 2000
 Free Legal Aid Scheme.28 January, 1997
 EU Child Care Directive 04 July, 1995
 Social Welfare Benefits-Lone Parents allowance in cases of Joint Custody 25th March 1993
 Social Welfare Benefits-Childrens Allowance in cases of Joint Custody 25 February, 1993
 Equality Tribunal
 A separated father and a hospital.
 A separated father and a school
 A separated father and a school
 A separated father and a Health Board
 A separated father and a school
 A separated father and the HSE
 Press Ombudsman
 A Man and the Irish Independent
 A Man and the Irish Examiner
 Archive of Radio interviews etc.
 Alan Beirne 98FM soundbite
 TWink ed dy.MP3
 treoir 30 father ad.mp3
 Sean Law.mp3
 mythofmalepower Options Clip.mp3
 Incamera pat Kenny.MP3
 Frank McGlynn interview.mp3
 Parental Equality views on shared parenting
 2007 November 5 Frank MCGlynn Liamog Discuss Domestic Violence laws and practices
 2007 January 8 Last word iona institute Liamog.mp3
 2007 January 8 Joe Duffy Iona Institute David Quinn-1.mp3
 2007 January 8 Recent Parental Equality Conference
 2006 December 21 National Longitudinal Study of Children in Ireland
 2006 December 13 Interview about Parental Equality Conference
 2006 December 6 Upcoming Parental Equality Conference
 2006 December 4 Pre Parental Equality Conference part 2
 2006 November 24 Pre Parental Equality Conference Part 1
 2006 October 10 Minister Seamus Brennan talks about Joint Custody
 2006 September 27 East Coast FM Bertie 1 liamog.mp3
 2006 September 26 False Allegations
 2006 June 22 liamog with Harry Lee Dundalk FM100 dy.mp3
 2006 May 25 Treoir Advertisement
 2006 May 16 Awareness Campaign for Fathers and Mothers
 2006 May 10 Deadbeat Dads East Coast Fm Liamog.mp3
 2006 May 8 Deadbeat Dads Todayfm Minister Brennan .mp3
 2006 April 27 Consultation Day about Lone Parents
 2006 April 27 PE presentation LP Day Farmleigh .mp3
 2006 March 31 Today Fm Real Men Liamog.mp3
 2006 March 10 Paddy PE meetings part 2.MP3
 2006 March 10 Discussion with Unmarried Father
 2006 March 2 Norman newell Legacy project edited NN.mp3
 2006 February 8 LMFM Loose Talk NMcK judgment LOG .mp3
 2006 January 19 103fm Liamog F4J.mp3
 2006 January 5 Luke Dundalk FM ed.mp3
 2005 October 4 Last Word Male Victim Matt Cooper and Liamog Don Hennessey.mp3
 2005 pe Submisson to oireachtas COmmitte on Constitution .mp3
 2005 October 13 The last word Today FM Liamog Frances Byrne Maintenance .mp3
 2005 September 28 LOG George Hook 106-2.mp3
 2005 June 13 Unmarried Fathers and Their Children
 2005 May 6 Radiokerry Liamog Martin Ferris, Jimmy Deenihan.mp3
 2005 March 8 newstalk106_log d.mp3
 2005 March 8 newstalk106_log c.mp3
 2005 March 7 todayfm_log c.mp3
 2005 February 14 Sean Rinn eddie Hernon Orlagh Barry Newstalk 106.mp3
 2005 February 23 lmfm_log 1.mp3
 2005 January 5 finnucan_grandparents 1.mp3
 2004 November 24 Report of Strengthening Families through Fathers
 2004 June 17 A letter outlining a listeners family situation
 2004 May 31 Fathers and the Law
 2003 October 23 Men's Council of Ireland
 2002 March 6 Findings of study about divorce in America
 2000 October 25 pt 2-in-camera-seminar.mp3
 2000 October 25 in-camera-seminar .mp3
 2000 October 10 part 2 Things 4 Dads to do with Kids
 2000 September 26 part 1 Things for Dads to do with Kids
 1998 October 11 Fatherhood
 1998 September 23 Discussion about Single Fathers
 1998 August 25 Interview with Tony Lowth
 1997 May 15 Discussion about the Children.Bill 1997
 1997 April 29 Introduction of Childrens Bill 1997
 1997 April 16 Men and Grandparents Role and the Legal Situation
 Circ 1997 Discussion on Parenting and Issues Effecting Fathers
 1996 October 30 contd. from last week ,The Role of Fathers
 1996 October 24 The Role of Fathers
 1996 September 19 Unfair Treatment of Fathers
 1995 September 14 Divorce / Custody
 1994 October 28 Custody of Children
 1994 September 15 Extra Marital Situations
 1994 June 17 Unmarried Fathers Workshop
 1994 May 27 Unmarried Fathers
 1994 May 26 RTE Radio 1 Liveline Unmarried Father
 1994 May 26 Liam O'Gogain Highlights Gender Issues with Parenting
 1994 May 26 Court Ruling in Joseph Keegan Case
 1994 May 26 Talking Men
 1994 January 5 Matrimonial Home bill
 1993 October 15 Lone Fathers
 Declaration of Langeac 1999
 PE Conference 9th Dec 2006
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 Geoff Day HSE Suicide Prevention
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 Polly Fillamore Family Support Agency
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 PE Submission to Oireachtas Committee on the Family 1995
 PE Submission on Constitutional Amendment on Children Jan 2008
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 Legal Costs Review
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